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Greetings true believer! Welcome to all things related to Acaidia’s Amazing Bar Harbor Comic Con! A one day family fun comic & pop culture event. A show for Fans by fans!





Floor Plan 2019

Floor Plan 2019



*Guest line up subject to change. Follow along on Facebook for the most up to date info.


Media Guest Chuck Carter: Eager Games featuring ZED


Eagre Games was founded in 2014 by esteemed video game artist, Chuck Carter. Mr. Carter had over twenty years in video game experience, starting with early work with Rand and Robyn Miller on the game Myst, developed by Cyan in Spokane, WA. After Myst, Chuck moved to Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, NV where he helped create Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and more. After Westwood Studios was acquired by Electronic Arts, Chuck’s talents eventually found their way to Vicarious Visions in Albany, NY where he worked on several titles including Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


In 2012, Mr. Carter moved to the great state of Maine, where he mulled over the idea of creating a game he had been thinking about since the 1990’s when he was still in Spokane. In 2014 he officially founded Eagre Games in Bangor, Maine focusing on beautifully immersive, non-violent games for people of all ages. Chuck has partnered with writers Joe Fielder (Bioshock: Infinite, Underworld Ascendant) and David Chen (Metal Gear Solid V, Narcosis) and famed voice actor Stephen Russell (Fallout series, Thief series) to bring together Eagre’s first title, ZED. Following further partnership with Skymap Games and Cyan, Eagre Games plans to release ZED in Spring 2019.



Add ZED to your Wishlist now on Steam:


Charles Carter will be making a presentation featuring ZED for the spring 2019 release.

Panel Time: 1PM




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This is a completely new comedy shows unlike anything you will see anywhere on the planet. Mark Pinksten, combines his love of Nerd Culture with Comedy and with Magic. It is really a Comedy show about Pop Culture that just happens to feature magic and illusion. Created for Comic Cons and Pop Culture Events but as caught on and been performed at birthday's, parties, and Corporate Events.

The live Comedy with Magic and Pop Culture show as performed at 3 SuperMegaFests, Two Granite State Cons, Seacoast Comic con, Hudson Valley Comic Con, Green Mountain Comic Expo, 2 NorthEast Comic Con, and two Dr Who Cons, Regeneration Who and Long Island Who. They are scheduled to bring the shows to Florida/Indiana, Harrisburg PA and Chicago in 2018.

Comedian, Cosplayer, and Performer Mark Pinksten has been thrilling audiences for over 25 years. For the last three years, his Comedy and Pop Culture show has performed at over 34 comic cons, Doctor Who Cons and Harry Potter cons. Using audience members and a cast of other performers, he recreates moments from pop culture classics on stage with comic results. He then roams the con when he is offstage with interesting Cosplay.






First and for most this is a Comic book show that features creators from the industry.

All our guests will be on the con floor and there is a chance to join in a larger conversation with the artist and writers and get insider information during the panel discussions. Times TBA


Rick Parker

Rick Parker

Rick Parker

Rick Parker is an American artist, writer, and cartoonist whose humorous artwork has appeared in The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Life magazine, and millions of Marvel comic books. Parker was one of the four original artists of The Pekar Project which brought the writing of the American autobiographical comics pioneer Harvey Pekar to the web. He is widely known as the artist of MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head comic book, published by Marvel from 1994 to 1996. Rick has been letter for many popular Marvel Titles including Spider-Man, Alpha Flight, ROM, G.I.Joe. and more! He wrote and illustrated his own graphic novel, Deadboy in 2010. Rick also drew the introductory pages of Tales from the Crypt for Papercutz from 2007 to 2009. Parker has illustrated a series of graphic novel parodies (written by Stefan Petrucha) for Papercutz Slices (Papercutz) — titles include Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid, Harry Potty and The Deathly Boring, Breaking Down (a parody of the Twilight series), Percy Jerkson and The Ovolactovegetarians The Hunger Pains, and the Farting Dead.


Lisa Trusiani

Lisa Trusiani

Lisa Trusiani

Lisa Trusiani is an established writer and storyboard artist of both comic books and comic strips. She has written more than 100 comic books for Marvel Comics. Lisa was the assistant editor at Marvel and was the writer of Barbie when she first became a comic book character. Lisa served in a full-time, onsite editorial capacity from 1988 to 1990 for the Marvel/STAR Comics imprint, including these licensed properties: Alf, Bullwinkle and Rocky, Camp Candy, Care Bears, Count Duckula, Fraggle Rock, Heathcliff, Heathcliff Funhouse, Madballs, Muppet Babies, Police Academy, and The Flinstone Kids, plus Marvel's original Fighting American, and Damage Control. She also wrote Apartment 3-G for ten years --a weekly and Sunday newspaper strip which was syndicated by King Features.


Paul Pelletier

Paul Pelletier

Paul Pelletier

Paul Pelletier is from Lewiston Maine and began work as a professional comic artist in the late 1980s. His first work appeared in Cosmic Steller Rebellers (hammac publications) and Wayward warrior (hammac Publications) later in Zen: Intergalactic Ninja! He has worked for renowned comics publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics as well as for the now out of business Cross Generation Entertainment. His portfolio includes stints as regular artist or guest artist on such series as Darkstars, Flash, Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, Legion of Super-Heroes, Outsiders, Superboy and the Ravers, Superman, Superman: The Man of Steel, Titans, She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, Exiles, Negation and Negation War. On top of that Pelletier has drawn special projects such as the mini-series Green Lantern/ Sentinel: Heart of Darkness or the One-shots Flash: Secret Files, Green Lantern: Secret Files and President Luthor Secret Files.

One of his most recent project was over 20 years in the making with Apha Productions Task Force Alpha: Forged in Fire Special Edition. Pelletier was one of the regular artists on Aquaman during DC's New 52, Titans, and currently works on Batgirl. He is most notably known for his work on Marvel Comics miniseries War of Kings with the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Fall of the Hulks"

Paul will be on the con floor to chat, sign books, and he will have a selection of original art from many of the titles he has worked on recently.


Christopher Mills


Christopher Mills is a freelance writer, editor and graphic artist with thirty years of experience in the publishing industry. A professional writer since 1990, he has scripted numerous independent comic books in a variety of genres, including LEONARD NIMOY'S PRIMORTALS, SHADOW HOUSE, THE NIGHT DRIVER, KOLCHAK THE NIGHT STALKER, FEMME NOIR, EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' CARSON OF VENUS, EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' THE MOON MAID, and the critically-acclaimed crime thriller, GRAVEDIGGER: THE SCAVENGERS. He is currently writing and publishing a new line of all-ages adventure comics under his Atomic Pulp imprint, beginning this Spring with SPACE CRUSADERS #1.







Special guest author Carrie Jones!


Carrie is an active member of the Bar Harbor Rotary and has fought fires, taught gymnastics, dispatched police, fire and emergency people, edited newspapers and poetry journals and has won awards from the Maine Press Association and also been awarded the Martin Dibner Fellowship as well as a Maine Literary Award. Some of her books have been both New York Times and international best sellers.

When she is not working on her next book or making the community a better place she can be found blogging about writing and posting to her pod cast - Dogs are SMARTER than People.

*Writers, and Authors panel time TBA


Special guest writer and illustrator Bob Cram Jr.


Bob Cram Jr. is a writer and illustrator who would like to be mysterious, but is instead, at best, slightly ambiguous. While his past has included stints as an actor, cartoonist, comic book editor, and web developer, it's really not as interesting as it sounds. Except for working on The Incredible Hulk that one time. That was cool. He recently channeled his love of monsters and horror movies into a horror/comedy/adventure novel called The Monster War. His newest book, 31 Days, 31 Horror Movies - a collection of horror movie reviews - is set to be released this Spring.


Jeff Cram


Jeff is a freelance artist and author out of Old Town, Maine. He is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Art, Inc., and has been illustrating professionally for more than 15 years. Working primarily in the pen-and-paper RPG field, his clients include HEROGAMES, FASA GAMES, MONGOOSE PUBLISHING, FAT GOBLIN GAMES, as well as DEVIL'S DUE PUBLISHING. Jeff has self-published the novel “Regret's Shadow”, the first of a fantasy and science fiction trilogy that he is currently working to adapt to graphic novels.

You can follow him on Facebook, as well as on Instagram and Twitter @Cramnation.

Laurie Graves


Hinterlands Press, owned by Clif and Laurie Graves, is an indie publishing company in Winthrop, Maine. Hinterlands Press has published three books: Laurie's YA fantasies Maya and the Book of Everything and Library Lost, which are partially set in Maine and go across the universe from there; and Clif's The Wave of Time, an anthology of time traveling tales from pulp magazines from the 1930s to the 1950s. 


Available on amazon:


Sydney Ashcroft


Sydney Ashcroft originally hails from Pennsylvania and is a die hard Penn State fan, but moved to New England over twenty years ago and has never looked back. She currently resides in Maine along with her daughter, a beagle, a cane corso, and a foster beagle. During the day she works full time in the information technology field and writes by night. Tea, chocolate, and folk music fuel her through the day and writing sessions. When she’s not writing or working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and dogs, going to see live music, and plotting shenanigans with her co-author.

Sydney can be found on Twitter @sydneyashcroft


Joseph Paragona Jr.

Joseph Paragona Jr.  presents his

“Alan the Wrench” children’s book series!

Welcome to Workington “A-Z”: It all began many, many jobs ago . . .

Alan the Wrench’s family and friends were the hardest- working tools ever created.

They worked together to build the Town of Workington, where it’s fun to meet its good citizens while learning the alphabet and discovering new tools.

Working Together Against Bullying: Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children . . .

Alan the Wrench Jr. and his classmates, at Workington Elementary School, deal with the same challenges growing up that many children reading this book will face in life. They’ll learn about working together against bullying with help from family, friends, and school officials to ensure that all children can thrive in a bully free environment.

Website: www.alanthewrench.com


Twitter: @AlanTheWrench1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alanthewrench1




We feature artists and creators of all kinds! From those in the “Industry” (See some of our special guest listed above) to those that freelance as graphic designers, self publish their own graphic novels, or self publish their own comics on the web.


Davis Arts - Fandoms Illustrated

Patrick Davis Fandoms Illustrated

Patrick Davis Fandoms Illustrated

DAVIS ARTS – FANDOMS ILLUSTRATED Patrick Davis has been sketching for several years, bringing beloved sci-fi and fantasy fandoms to life through his artwork. He has worked with Topps for several recent sets, including Stars Wars: Black & White, Stars Wars: The Last Jedi (S2), Stranger Things, and Walking Dead. He has also been a contributor to Island Dreams and is currently developing some cards for the popular card game Munchkin. While much of his work has been related to Star Wars, Patrick has also produced amazing art related to a variety of comic book heroes, such as Spiderman and Superman, as well as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and even extending to the sports world, creating a beautiful image of Fenway Park at dusk. Look for more of Patrick’s work in the upcoming release of Star Wars: Galaxy from Topps!

Patrick Davis will have original art and prints at the show, and is open to commissions.

Find on Instagram @PDavis1125 , and Facebook as /DavisArtsFI, and check out Patrick Davis on Patreon www.patreon.com/DavisArtsFI



Corn apple

Corn apple

Corn apple

Art Gowie is Maine artist “CORN APPLE”, whose style blends influences from comics and cartoons from the 1970s to the present, Japanese arts and crafts, and time spent in the woods and near the ocean. Born in Maine, he spent much of his childhood on Navy bases in Japan, Iceland, and several US states. During eight years in Japan, he loved traditional holiday festivals and watching artists of all kinds, from sushi chefs to kite makers. Commissioned work has included pet portraits from photographs; custom decoration on shoes and clothing; business signs, displays, and menu boards; childrens' book illustration; tattoos; and animation and characters for website and game applications. 



Nick Anderson


Nick Anderson is the author and artists for Planet Ripple a series of comics about a cyborg girl who happens to be on the autism spectrum.

There is no curing or escaping autism. There are varied levels of it, though. It's a spectrum, and every autistic individual is somewhere on that complex spectrum. It's different for everybody. "Most people would never know that I have it now unless it was explicitly pointed out to them, but when I was a child it was pretty evident, and intense." - Nick Anderson

Nick thinks it is important not only that this group be positively represented in media so they can aspire to be like the characters they see in stories, but that other people can come to understand those with the condition.



Gentleman & Scholar Comics

Gentleman & Scholar Comics

Gentleman & Scholar Comics

Turner Huston and James Couture met long ago, under the guise of a summer track and field program in Lisbon, Maine. Their creative collaboration didn't start, however, until they co-founded a professional wrestling outfit on Turner's trampoline in his backyard. Years passed, and it was time to put childish things aside. Forays into Abu Dhabi and accountancy broadened their world view, and in 2014 they reconvened to start GENTLEMAN & SCHOLAR COMICS, putting out doodles, fanart far too focused on Howard the Duck and 90's Clone Saga Spider-Man characters, World War I horror comics, and slice of life comics burdened by the weight of verisimilitude like THE PUNCHIN' BAG and ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR.



Alysa Avery

Alysa Avery

Alysa Avery

Alysa Avery - I am a freelance artist based in southern Maine. My work focuses mainly on fantasy and horror themes and fan art. I have experience in a variety of creative endeavors such as theatrical and special effects makeup, concept art, comics, portrait painting & caricature, set painting, costume construction, creature fabrication and prop making. In my free time I am likely to be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, doing outdoorsy things or taking naps with my cat. I like to have fun with anything that I do, and I try to incorporate that into my art as well. There is magic to be found in the mundane of everyday life if you know where to look!

Freelance artist from southern Maine


SHOP: https://www.redbubble.com/people/alysaavery




Mea Clark - Mea is a freelance artist that grew up in Northeast Harbor, Maine. She goes by Hex or HexaWingedDemons online and her style is heavily influenced by cartoons, comics, and anime. A lot of her work has been autobiographical which she hopes to explore more through comics about dealing with mental illness and self-reflection. She is working on making a slice of life webcomic, and a story of overcoming life’s challenges and difficult decisions using her demonic and angelic characters. More than anything she would like to inspire and help people. She’s ready to unfurl her wings and take on the challenges ahead!


Hey, I made a thing! Please check out a book I illustrated for the wonderful song "Goodnight Demonslayer" by Aurelio Voltaire! It's available through Amazon now! Link below! - Mea Clark


Also check out more of Aurelio Voltaire's content here! http://www.voltaire.net



Emily Andrews’S Mag NA MEll


Emily Rhain Andrews went to Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts and earned a BFA in Illustration while there. She is currently pursuing an MFA at Champlain College and freelances as a editorial illustrator. Her work can be viewed on her website, eraillustration.com, and she can be contacted at emily@eraillustration.com.

Mag Na Mell is a world filled with Gods, monsters, and war. It is a fantastical otherworld inhabited by the creations of human imaginations, fighting conflicts we made for them and scraping together lives they fought for themselves. This story takes place in the southern colony of Mael Duin and follows Betha, a toy Doll, and Sonny, a toy Knight, as they fight to escape a town under siege. As unwilling allies of convenience their strong personalities clash even when lives are on the line; trying to avoid getting killed by monsters is one thing, but can they survive each other? — Mag Na Mell updates a new page for free on our website every Monday.

Check it out at www.MagNaMell.com!




When characters come to life! We all wear masks metaphorically speaking, some of us take it to the next level. Cosplaying goes hand in hand with comic book conventions, and has been a tradition long before the term cosplay. Now it even has different levels and sub groups. We welcome cosplayers of all levels, from the novice crafters, to casual first timers. It’s about having fun and sharing an experience.

Costume and Conduct

  • No real weapons, metal props, or projectiles.

  • Treat all cosplayers with respect. Harassment of any kind will result in being asked to leave the event center.

  • Outfits viewed as offensive or obscene will not be allowed

3PM Kids 12 and under Costume and & Cosplay parade

  • Must be accompanied by an adult( do not have to be dressed up, or march, just be present during parade line up).

  • Participation certificate

4PM Costume and & Cosplay Contest.

  • Must register ahead of time. Coming Soon Watch here for updates

  • Prizes for most creative and best overall.

  • categories for crafters and cosplayers


Bar Harbor Batman

Bar Harbor Batman is a beacon of light in a bleak and otherwise dismal world.

Bar Harbor Batman is a beacon of light in a bleak and otherwise dismal world.

With over 10 years experience of BatManing as M.D.I.’s Dark Knight, Bar Harbor Batman not only walks the walk, he talks the talk. Over the years His costumes and Convention and parade performances have reflected Batman in the Comics and Movies. As an artist and crafter he had fabricated or modified most of the costumes by Mold making batarangs, and bat fins for gauntlets, made resin classic Bat Symbols for costuming, and sewing body suits and capes.

He has officiated over a number of Costume contests and Cosplay competitions. Is Known for Dancing in the streets of Bar Harbor with a modified 1985 Ghetto Blaster and being mentioned on SNL weekend Update. Bar Harbor Batman is the producer of Bar Harbor Comic Con.

Artist, Prop maker, and crimefighter!

FAcebook, twitter, Instagram.


The Western Maine Wookiee

Western Maine Wookiee

Western Maine Wookiee

Mawahaa! Maahawaw Maaahaaa! My name is Chris. I have been cosplaying as Chewbacca since 2015. I had fun going to convention and comic cons so I decided to create my own character, the Western Maine Wookie!

I have been cosplay guest at several conventions and comic cons now. I have also participated in other events, birthday parties, and charity causes. If you see me at an event you are at be sure to say hi, take a selfie, high five or fist bump me. Be sure to check out my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/WesternMaineWookie/

Do you have an event or charity that would like to book The Western Maine Wookiee?

Email Me Westernmainewookiee@gmail.com


Wookiee photo Opp!

Professional photo Opportunity with the Western Maine Wookiee by Memory Maker Photography.

Make a memorable moment this STAR WARS day with Western Maine Wookiee. It can be you and a friend, a group, or the whole family!

*Remember Always Let The Wookiee Win*



Vince Starkiller’s Cosplay/Crochet/Arts

Vince Starkiller

Vince Starkiller

I started cosplaying & learning to build my own cosplays in 2013, cosplay was always something I was into & over time became a real part of me. In 2017 I started to sell my cosplays that I built in order to keep having the space for the cosplays I would never sell plus to help put money into another cosplay to get more skill til I get the skills to be 4 cosplays on my list that got me into building my own.

At the beginning of 2016 I started to learn how to knit & crochet, at first it was to make a couple things I wanted that I couldn't buy in stores but as time went by in that same year I realized I had a talent for it. Since 2016 I have made about a 2 hand fulls of crochet items by patterns that I've made with my own skills of trial and error, I only claim credit for something I made if it's something I made without using a pattern made by someone else. Also starting this year I'll have my first cosplay made completely by crochet & will be making my 2nd appearance with it at the Bar Harbor Comic Con

In addition to everything I do take orders for almost anything crochet, cosplay I don't take any orders on building at the moment unless it's crochet cosplay.




We have gaming from Table top to video games on console or PC and more! This is a great place to meet other people that share your passion in grinding in an rpg, rolling dice, or getting fragged. Gaming will be located on the Lower Level of the Event Center. Take the Stairs, Elevator, or use the First Floor entrance facing the Hotel.

Lower Level Event Center Floor Plan

Floor Plan for Lower Level of Event Center.

Floor Plan for Lower Level of Event Center.


Warhammer 40K, Battle Tech, Shadespire, and more! Hosted By Downeast Gamers Guild.

Down East Gaming Guild

Down East Gaming Guild

DownEast Gamers Guild will be joining the 2019 Bar Harbor Comic Con. They will have several tables set up in the gaming hall and will be demoing a variety of miniature war games. Are you a gamer? Have you ever thought about getting into the miniature war gaming hobby? This is a great opportunity to come visit with the folks from DownEast Gamers Guild, ask questions, check out the cool models, play a few rounds or just connect with the local gaming community!


Nor’Easter Gaming Expo

Featuring free play table top library and a selection of video games to play. 

– Don't get fragged!


Nor'easter Gaming Expo is Maine's homegrown gaming festival! The expo showcases local game makers and their games as well as other local creators, a game lounge filled with video and table top games, and panels about all things gaming! Visit them at (event name) to get a taste of their free play games library!



Kennebec Boff Club is one of the few offer groups in Maine. They put on medieval battles with the use of A foam weapon, also known as a boffer, or Buffer padded weapon, or latex weapon and is a padded mock weapon used for simulated handheld combat. Such weapons are used in simulated battles called battle gaming and in some live action role-playing games (LARPs)

boffer weapons – The term "boffer" refers to a particular construction of weapon that involves a single piece of PVC pipe, with one layer of pipe foam around it, and covered with duct tape. This type of mock weapon, although it has padding, is not suitable for unarmored high impact fighting. It is commonly used by live action role-playing (LARP) games where participants must perform touch combat by pulling back on their strikes at the last moment, playing “Tag” with the weapon, not intending to due harm.

Club Contact - Ryan Murphy murphyryan823@gmail.com

FAcbook Group Page:


Off Event Time 4:30pm

*(subject to change)




Find a hand knit geeky hat, comic, or rare collectible you have been looking for!


Watch for updates, More vendors being added

Want to get a table? Vendor Tables are now on Sale!


Northeast Collectibles


Northeast Collectibles - Connect with them for toys, comics, video games, and more. They have An Online Toy, comic and gaming store located in the Brewer Area.

Email: bobbycomicworld@hotmail.com

Ebay store:


MythsN Monsters


Myths N' Monsters is Founded by Denver haunted house staple actor, Designer, and special effects artist Christopher Rathbun. Christopher was a founding member of another Denver effects house with some of his fellow effects masterminds. Over time it became clear that the group where all heading in different directions. After parting ways Chris launched wholeheartedly into the creation of his own brand of custom creations. Masks, Music, Cosplay, Foam Weaponry, and more. Nothing is off limits to Myths N' Monsters studio.

Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/mythsnmonsters
Follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MythsNMonsters/



Buy-Sell-Trade Magic Cards

Eric’s Magic Cards

Eric’s Magic Cards

Eric Bousquet’s Magic Cards. Including vintage and rare cards along with playable decks. Buying-Selling-Trading!

Email: pulsemage@gmail.com


Kaleidoscope Beadwork 

kelidiscopebead logo.jpg

I make handmade jewelry, specifically in this case a lot of polymer clay figures focusing on geek/pop culture icons including pokemon, Dr. Who, Studio Ghibli, etc. The pieces for these include earrings (both hanging and stud), key chains, pendants, and themed charm bracelets. In addition I also do a lot of beaded and wirework pieces, as well as hand-drawn cards.

find on instagram kaleidoscope_beadwork

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 2.18.40 PM.png

Walton’s Crafts and Collectibles

Handcrafted and fun collectibles.


Memory Maker Photography


Memorymaker Photography

Commercial, Wedding, Portrait and Event Photographer
Photo booth rentals and more!
"Our pictures say it all."


#barharborcomiccon #barharborbatman




General ADMISsION Passes

General Admission Passes will be available at the Door the day of the event : $10.00 USA Dollars

Cash, credit, or debit. 

*(Children 12 and under free with paying adult. No more than 3 per paying adult Please)

Advanced VIP Lanyards, limited prints, And Swag Pick-Up day of event.



get involed!  Volunteers get exclusive access to the convention. They cover the doors, help set up, support guests, artists, and vendors, and make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is having a good time. 


To Volunteer please sign up here.

So, You want to be part of Bar Harbor Comic-Con? Do you think you have what it takes? We would love to have you, and could use the help!  Every Hero needs a sidekick to do all the real work. We want fun, hard-working, and passionate volunteers who want to help create and have a great experience. Volunteers work in all aspects of the event.  

  • You must learn the lay out of the venue, the show schedule, and meet other volunteers before the show. 

  • All applicants must be 18 years old or older and have a valid ID to apply, or have a parent volunteer with them.  

  • You are expected to reply back to event emails, arrive for your shifts at least five minutes early, dressed appropriately (in cosplay is fine as long as you can see and move easily while still fulfilling your duties), ready to work, and with a good and courteous attitude at all times. You represent the BHCC Staff and

  • Volunteers should plan on working hard, and enjoying what the show has to offer. As a volunteer you can expect to be a huge part of the convention team.

We want this to be a positive experience for everyone involved; you should expect to be busy and work hard but, have fun doing it. While there is a great deal of work for us to do, there is also time to make new friends and enjoy the show.

Volunteer shifts run about 2 hours. A minimum of 2 shifts are required for all volunteers.  

Benefits:  - 1 Floor Pass and Volunteer Lanyard - Early access to the con floor - Swag (Possible free pictures and signatures with guests. (Depending on guests approval.))  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the form and hit submit and we will get back to you. 

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Our sponsors & Super Friends are so important and we accomplish a lot together!

Thank you to all our sponsors & Super Friends for their support! 

Sponsors & Super Friends



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